Scout Master's Message

Boy Scout Troop -- 409 Dix Hills, NY

Boy Scouting has so much to offer that I find it difficult to write a short message to our members, and potential members, that capsulates what Troop 409 has done for its past Scouts—including the many that have attained Eagle—and what it can do for newer Scouts. At Troop 409, we have two primary goals: (1) learning the Scout principles, as embodied in the Scout Law and Scout Oath, with all of the awards and advancements that come with that; and (2) having FUN while doing it! Add to that the value that Scouting brings to one’s life:

     • Of senior class presidents, 89% were Scouts.

     • Of junior class presidents, 80% were Scouts.

     • Of business managers of school publications, 75% were Scouts.

     • Of student council presidents, 85% were Scouts.

     • Of school newspaper editors, 88% were Scouts.

     • Of editors of school annuals, 77% were Scouts.

     • Of basketball captains, 64% were Scouts.

     • Alumni of the Boy Scouts of America make up:

          o 64% of Air Force Academy graduates.

          o 58% of West Point graduates.

          o 70% of Annapolis graduates. o 72% of Rhodes scholars.

          o 85% of FBI agents.o 26% of U.S. astronauts.    

One in four boys in America (25%) will become Scouts, when looking at the leaders of this nation in business, religion and politics, three out of four (75%) were Scouts.   

And last but not least, for every 100 boys who join Boy Scouts:

• One will use his Boy Scout Skills to save a life; and

• One will use his Boy Scouts skills to save his own life.   

We at Troop 409 are proud of the BSA, and especially proud of the Scouts of Troop 409. Come join us!   

Barry Miller